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19 Mar Learning the Language of E-Cigarettes
willows 0 103
If you have recently stared vaping, you may have found that there’s a whole new language that comes along with this activity. To help you understand some of the more common terms, we’ve compiled a sho..
19 Mar The Benefits of Social Vaping
willows 0 93
A social smoker refers to someone who only smokes in social situations, whether it's at a party or any other event where interacting with others often leads to a cigarette. The downside to social smok..
19 Mar Three Biggest E Cigarette Myths Debunked
willows 0 84
E cigarettes have become a worldwide hit and have created a multi-million-dollar market that spans Ireland to Indonesia and Switzerland to South Africa. When a product hits the market and is almost in..
19 Mar Avoiding Flavour Fatigue
willows 0 132
Flavour fatigue, or “vaper's tongue”, is a condition that describes the moment when your e liquid suddenly loses its delicious favour. This can happen to new vapers, but it’s far more likely to occur ..
19 Mar E Cigarette Sales Experience Ongoing Upward Trajectory
willows 0 123
Since they first hit the market just a few years back, sales of e cigarettes have continued to rise at a rapid rate. It's already a billion-dollar business, and in 2014 sales in the U.S. alone more th..
19 Mar Getting the Most out of Your E Liquid
willows 0 89
E liquid or juice is a huge part of what makes your vaping experience enjoyable, so it’s always best to ensure you get the most benefit out of every drop. By using just a few simple tips and tricks, y..
19 Mar Electronic Cigarettes and Your Meals
willows 0 70
Pairing the flavour of your e liquid with a meal or a drink of choice has become one of the latest ways to enhance your culinary experience. Much as you might choose a wine to complement an entree, ma..
19 Mar BBC Trust Me Im A Doctor - Are electronic cigarettes safe?
willows 0 92
Medical journalist Michael Mosley examines the growing trend for electronic cigarettes and asks if they are safe.  ..
19 Mar Celebs Switching to Electronic Cigarettes
willows 0 107
For years, old-school Hollywood glamour was immortalised by stars that were photographed in clouds of smoke, and Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and James Dean were often pictured puffing seductively..
19 Mar Saving Money with E Cigarettes
willows 0 161
Aside from their great taste, lack of pungent smell and the fact that they are far more socially acceptable than tobacco cigarettes, one of the biggest advantages of e cigarettes is that they can actu..
19 Mar Are Vaping Bars the Next Big Thing?
willows 0 116
We’ve heard of juice bars, water bars, vodka bars or even oxygen bars, but one of the newest trends seems to be a vaping bar. Resembling a candy store, a vaping bar offers e cigarette users the chance..
19 Mar The Hidden Benefits of E Cigs
willows 0 83
E cigarettes have become a worldwide sensation, and their numerous advantages, such as their lack of pungent smells or clouds of smoke, are obvious. However, there are a few hidden benefits of these e..
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