Travelling with an e cig offers numerous advantages, but there are several factors that must be taken into account when embarking on a train, plan or automobile trip. Years ago you could smoke tobacco cigarettes almost anywhere, but as restrictions have tightened up, it's become almost impossible to light up in a public place. E cigarettes offer a cleaner, safer and better-tasting alternative, and with these tips you can enjoy a stress-free journey with ease.

Travelling by Air

When travelling by air with your e cig, you’ll have to pay close attention to airline rules, as they are usually the strictest of all transportation options. Nowadays vaping is a far more common occurrence, and e cigs are instantly recognisable, but in the past security checkpoints may have been sceptical about the devices. It’s still advisable to take your e cigarette as carry-on luggage and have it scanned at security, as you may have to answer questions about the device if someone is not too sure of how it works and its purpose. It’s important to note when flying that most airlines do not allow vaping on board, and when you land always make sure you are a vape-friendly zone before you indulge.

Travelling by Train

Vaping on a train is often considered acceptable, especially if you are not sitting near other passengers or are in your own compartment. It’s not advisable to vape in a crowded train, but when you are relaxing in a carriage and your activity won’t interfere with others, you may enjoy a draw. If a carriage is specifically no-smoking, you may want to refrain from vaping or ask an official before you indulge to make sure you are acting in an acceptable manner.

Travelling by Car

Whether travelling in a car or a coach, it’s advisable not to use your e cig unless you have stopped at a rest point and are stretching your legs. This type of travelling usually puts you in close proximity to others who may not understand or appreciate you vaping, so it’s best to refrain. Of course, should you be in your own car on a road trip, you can vape as desired, and you can use a car charger to keep your battery conveniently charged.
When travelling in any mode of transport, one of the key factors is consideration, and as long as you are aware of fellow passengers and respect them and the transport modes rules, you can vape in peace. E cigarettes offer unmatched flexibility, and with these tips you can enjoy a stress-free journey every time.