The cartridge is an essential component of your e cigarette and is what makes vaping possible. E cig cartridges are your device's fuel tank, and they hold the nicotine-infused e liquid that is heated up by the atomiser to create the delicious-tasting vapour you inhale. Looking after your cartridges is an important part of ensuring that your vaping experience is always exceptional, and these top tips will help you to keep your device in tip top condition.
The Pre-Filled Cartridge Solution
If you are new to vaping and don't want to waste time figuring out how e cig cartridges work, the pre-filled options are an excellent solution. By opting for pre-filled flavoured cartridges, you don't have to worry about cleaning or refilling, and once they run dry you can simply discard them and replace them with a full version.
Keeping Your Cartridges Clean
If you opt for cartridges that are re-useable, you'll need to ensure that you keep them clean, as this not only extends their life span but also ensures that you enjoy the intensity of the e juice flavour you've chosen.
Disconnect Your Cartridge When Not in Use
Your cartridge can still drain your battery even when your device is not in use. If you are travelling or have packed your e cig away for any length of time, it's advisable to disconnect the cartridge to preserve battery life.
Don't Overfill or Underfill
Overfilling your cartridge with e juice can cause damage to your device that may see it malfunction. Avoid overfilling your cartridges, and ensure that you do not spill liquid on your e cig, as this can cause long-term damage. Underfilling is also to be avoided, as a dry vape is not pleasant and can cause a burnt taste to remain in the cartridge even after topping up.
Be Gentle with Cartridges
E cig cartridges are designed to slot seamlessly into your device, so if for some reason they feel as if they won't slide back into place, it's important not to force them. If you are having trouble fitting the cartridge, take it slowly and make sure that you don't damage your device by forcing it into place, as this can break other components such as the atomiser.
If you look after your e cig cartridges, your vaping experience will always be extremely pleasant, and your e liquid will offer the most satisfying throat hit and intense flavour time after time.