Studies conducted during 2014 showed that more than 50,000 Irish tobacco smokers had stubbed out their analogue cigarettes and now use an e cig as an alternative. This figure doesn't include vapers who have previously not smoked tobacco, meaning that the numbers could easily be climbing far higher.
Although the first smokeless cigarette was developed way back in the 1960s, it's only been in the last few years that these devices have really become a big hit. In Ireland vaping is now increasingly common, and many have moved on from using a disposable e cig to purchasing their own electronic cigarette kits and enjoying the activity in the same way they'd previously have smoked tobacco.

E Cigarettes Appeal to All Ages

Research has also concluded that in Ireland it seems that it's not just older ex-smokers who are switching to vaping: it's the younger, more health-conscious generation that's enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes too. Many credit the e cig kick or throat hit as being very appealing motivation to switch, along with the lack of tar and other dangerous chemicals that are so prevalent in tobaccos cigarettes.
It's also been noted that on university campuses the popularity of e cigarettes is on the rise, and many students make use of these electronic devices between lectures or when taking study breaks. Gone are the clusters of students enveloped in clouds of pungent tobacco smoke, as today's students are leisurely drawing on their electronic devices and enjoying an array of flavoured e liquids that offer a far more pleasant nicotine experience.

Regulations Not in Place

Recently, the spotlight on vaping in public places has been intensified across the globe, and Ireland has not been immune to this scrutiny. Under the Irish Smoking Ban, vaping is not covered, so to date no official law has been passed about the use of these devices. However, when entering any type of building, whether it's a pub, shopping centre or office, the onus is on the owner of the premises to enforce whatever ruling they see fit. 
With the attention that vaping has garnered the world over, and with so many benefits offered by the e cig, it's easy to see why so many Irish are enjoying vaping on their own terms.