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19 Mar Will the EU ban Electronic Cigarettes?
willows 0 57
In September last year several sources on the web reported that the European Union may be preparing legislation to ban electronic cigarettes across the EU. One year on and there is still no sign of a ..
19 Mar Check out our new Store Locator!
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Lots of people have been asking for it and we've been planning to introduce it for a while now, say hello to our new Store Locator!Now you can easily find not only our own Smoke Green Kiosks, but also..
19 Mar Electronic Cigarette Statistics
willows 0 79
We've created a little infographic of some statistics about e cigarettes.It shows the huge and rapid growth of the e cig market, the effectiveness of e cigarettes as a stop smoking aid, and the relati..
19 Mar The History Of Electronic Cigarettes
willows 0 74
The idea of an e cigarette was actually first conceived way back in 1963 by a man called Herbert A. Gilbert. He even registered a patent for his idea which was based on "a smokeless non-tobacco cigare..
19 Mar E-cigarettes: the Big White Hope in a life-or-death fight with tobacco
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SOURCE: Irish Times Electronic cigarettes offer..
19 Mar New EGO E-liquid range on sale now
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Our brand new Smoke Green EGO range is now available on our website and in shops across the country.We have a premium kit, a starter kit, e-liquids in a range of exciting flavours, batteries in a vari..
19 Mar Free pack of cartridges
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We have a new special offer running for two weeks only, when you buy 5 or more packs of Smoke Green cartridges you will receive a free pack, and if you buy 10 or packs you will receive two free packs...
19 Mar Social Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes
willows 0 63
Vaping has become a multi-million pound industry and an increasing number of tobacco smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes. The positive aspects of vaping are numerous, with significant social..
19 Mar Top Tips for New Vapers
willows 0 121
Electronic cigarettes have created a whole new breed of smoker, or to use the correct terminology, ‘vaper’. The act of vaping, is so called because unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that produce s..
19 Mar A brief history of the electronic cigarette
willows 0 76
By the end of 2013 electronic cigarettes had grown into a billion dollar industry with millions of smokers across the globe stubbing out tobacco cigarettes and making the switch to vaping. Interesting..
19 Mar Knowing the Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquids
willows 0 116
The type of e-liquid that you choose when vaping can have a huge impact on your overall experience, and understanding the difference between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) liquids ..
19 Mar Electronic Cigarette Etiquette
willows 0 108
These days, the smoking of tobacco cigarettes is regulated absolutely everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to light up in a public place. Fortunately, the e cigarette still allows you to enjoy nicot..
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