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19 Mar Travelling with an E Cigarette Made Easy
willows 0 76
Travelling with an e cig offers numerous advantages, but there are several factors that must be taken into account when embarking on a train, plan or automobile trip. Years ago you could smoke tobacco..
19 Mar What to Expect When Switching to E Cigarettes
willows 0 79
For smokers who’ve enjoyed tobacco cigarettes in the past but have sought out a cleaner, safer and better smelling and tasting alternative, the switch to e cigarettes may take a little bit of getting ..
19 Mar Are E Cigarettes Re-Igniting the Smoking and Flying Debate?
willows 0 86
This year saw the 25th anniversary of the ban on smoking on aeroplanes, and although you may have thought this debate was long dead and buried, vaping has caused many to once again call into question ..
19 Mar Interesting Benefits of Nicotine Revealed
willows 0 71
Traditional tobacco cigarettes may have earned themselves a bad reputation due to their chemical composition, and nicotine has often been lumped in with the tar, toxins and carcinogens that these ciga..
19 Mar From 'Smirting' to Speed-Dating and Vaping
willows 0 80
A few years back the term 'smirting' was coined when tobacco regulations forced smokers on to pavements and away from the doorways of pubs, clubs and buildings. These smokers, brought together by a co..
19 Mar Getting the Most Satisfying Throat Hit from Your E Cigarette
willows 0 209
When trying something new, it can take time to refine your skills and maximise the enjoyment you attain from almost any activity, and vaping is no different. E cigarettes offer an excellent alternativ..
19 Mar Select a Nicotine Strength to Suit You
willows 0 101
One of the major benefits of an e cigarette is that it allows you to alter your nicotine intake as you wish, but it can be tricky trying to work out what strength of e-liquid you need to opt for in or..
19 Mar The Most Popular E Liquid Flavours Revealed
willows 0 104
E cigs have completely revolutionised the way we enjoy our nicotine, and the vast array of e liquid flavours available will only enhance the experience. With vapers being able to purchase anything fro..
19 Mar E Cigarette use on the rise in Ireland
willows 0 131
Studies conducted during 2014 showed that more than 50,000 Irish tobacco smokers had stubbed out their analogue cigarettes and now use an e cig as an alternative. This figure doesn't include vapers wh..
19 Mar Tobacco Taking a Knock with E Cigarettes Increasing in Popularity
willows 0 104
In Ireland and the world over the popularity of e cigarettes is on the rise, with more and more tobacco smokers making the switch to these cleaner, safer, better-smelling alternatives. Of course, with..
19 Mar Top Tips for Caring for Your Cartridges
willows 0 149
The cartridge is an essential component of your e cigarette and is what makes vaping possible. E cig cartridges are your device's fuel tank, and they hold the nicotine-infused e liquid that is heated ..
19 Mar The Importance of Keeping E Cigarettes at Room Temperature
willows 0 116
E cigarettes are designed to be utilised on an ongoing basis, but there are certain factors all vapers must be aware of when using these devices. Taking care of your e cigarette is essential, as it pr..
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