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19 Mar Interesting Predictions for the E Cigarette Industry
willows 0 127
Economists have found the increase in popularity of e cigs to be incredibly interesting, especially as these electronic devices have taken over a large percentage of market share from the big tobacco ..
19 Mar Understanding and Attaining the Perfect Throat Hit
willows 0 74
When smokers, ex-smokers or those who simply want to try vaping buy electronic cigarettes, they often look at the advertised puff count, as this is a factor that’s extensively marketed. What isn’t a f..
19 Mar E Cigarettes and the Environment
willows 0 73
Recent studies have shown that on average tobacco smokers are responsible for creating more than 84,000 tons of air pollution annually. This immense figure is equal to half of the pollution created by..
19 Mar Studies Show Vaping Is Not a Gateway to Tobacco Use
willows 0 71
One of the most common arguments posed by vaping naysayers is that electronic cigarettes are the gateway to tobacco use. Ardent anti-vapers insist that just like cannabis is supposedly a gateway to ha..
19 Mar Can Vaping Make You Smarter?
willows 0 91
It’s been proven that nicotine can have a beneficial effect on those who are stressed, and any vaper will tell you that a few draws on their e cigarette calms them down and helps them focus. But it se..
19 Mar Proper Inhalation Techniques for Vaping
willows 0 75
Learning how to vape is easy, but there are some techniques that every new vaper should know, as they’ll ensure that the best possible experience is enjoyed from the first draw. When compared to the w..
19 Mar What Type of Vaper Are You?
willows 0 86
Are you a puffer? A pacifier? A primer? If you are wondering what type of vaping style best describes you, keep reading.  PufferThose who can best be described as puffers are amongst the majority of e..
19 Mar E Cigarettes in the News
willows 0 83
Whether you are new to vaping or have been enjoying e cigs for a long time, you’ll know all about the negative press that these electronic devices have garnered. It seems, however, that what it boils ..
19 Mar Vaping at Work: The Debate
willows 0 85
With vaping taking the world by storm and a vast number of tobacco smokers switching to e cigarettes, there are a number of debates that have arisen around the use of these devices. One of the biggest..
19 Mar Important Factors to Consider When Buying an E Cigarette
willows 0 95
When you decide that it’s time to buy electronic cigarettes rather than the tobacco kind as you want to try vaping, there are a couple of factors you’ll need to consider. By being aware of these consi..
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