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19 Mar Do E Cigarettes Affect Indoor Air Quality?
willows 0 113
Tobacco cigarettes are known for their pungent smell, thick clouds of smoke and the lingering odour they leave behind. E cigarettes have none of these negative associations, and the vapour that is rel..
19 Mar E Cigarette Sales Exceed the $6 Billion Mark
willows 0 98
The popularity of vaping is soaring to new heights as sales of e cigarettes have hit the six-billion-dollar mark and continue to rise. In the UK, sales of gum, patches and other nicotine replacement t..
19 Mar Are Electronic Cigarettes Right for You?
willows 0 83
With vaping becoming so incredibly popular, an increasing number of tobacco smokers are wondering whether electronic cigarettes are perhaps a better option. When it comes to determining whether e ciga..
19 Mar Vaping in Ads Encourages Use of E Cigarettes
willows 0 121
For many vapers or those who are keen to start vaping, seeing someone else use an electronic cigarette on TV has been proven to encourage the activity. Television advertisements for e cigs that show p..
19 Mar Understanding the Lifespan of E Liquids
willows 0 158
The general consensus may be that, when stored correctly, e liquid can last for a long period of time. However, this isn’t always a good thing, as the quality may degrade, oxidisation may take place a..
19 Mar Is Making Your Own E Liquid a Bad Idea?
willows 0 105
E liquid is integral to vaping, and without this flavoured juice the whole experience wouldn’t be possible. The minute vaping comes up in conversation or you whip out your e cigarette, people invariab..
19 Mar Celebrities Switch to Vaping
willows 0 139
Vaping has become the hottest new trend with celebrities, and tobacco cigarettes are rapidly being stubbed out and replaced by e cigs. Electronic cigarettes have become the hottest new accessory, and ..
19 Mar A Guide to Vaping Tricks
willows 0 106
Single O's, Jellyfish, Vape Bending and French Inhale are all terms that you’ll have heard bandied about if you are an enthusiastic vaper, as they relate to tricks performed using an e cigarette. Vapi..
19 Mar How Reviewers Test E Liquids
willows 0 88
Regardless of whether you are a new vaper or an avid and experienced one, you’ve probably spent some time checking out reviews of e liquids before purchasing a flavour you think will best suit you. Re..
19 Mar Why Vaping Is Rapidly Increasingly in Popularity
willows 0 105
These days, everywhere you look e cigarettes are being used in place of the traditional tobacco option. From movies to TV series, and in real life indoors, outdoors and wherever you look, you’ll spot ..
19 Mar Everything You Need to Know About E Cigarettes and Travelling
willows 0 120
If you are going to be travelling in the foreseeable future, it’s important to know whether your e cigarette should be making its way into your luggage or if it’s best left at home for the duration of..
19 Mar Worried about buying online?
willows 0 248
We fully understand that some people may be wary of buying from a website. Rest assured that we have everything in place to make your online buying experience completely secure, we don't collect credi..
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