When trying something new, it can take time to refine your skills and maximise the enjoyment you attain from almost any activity, and vaping is no different. E cigarettes offer an excellent alternative to the rather pungent and unhealthy tobacco versions, and many vapers have found that when making the switch it takes a little bit of time to perfect their technique. A satisfying vaping experience is all about the throat hit, and to ensure you get the most out of every draw we’ve explained how to perfect your technique.
Throat Hit Explained
A throat hit is the satisfying feeling you experience when the vapour hits the back of your throat and travels down to your lungs. This refreshing feeling is caused by nicotine hitting the throat when inhaled, and you’ll find that when switching to e cigarettes you’ll need to practise in order to attain the perfect hit.
Perfecting Your Draw
To maximise your throat hit you can employ a number of techniques, and these include:
  • Taking longer, slower, smoother drags on your e cigarettes. The longer the drag, the better the vaping experience, and a rule of thumb is that every draw should be between three and six seconds.
  • Holding the vapour in longer will see you maximise your satisfaction.
  • Switch the flavours of e liquids you try. If you were a heavy tobacco smoker and have moved over to e cigarettes, you’ll need a more intense flavour option at first.
  • Checking that your e cigarette has enough liquid in it will ensure a more enjoyable vape. 
  • Keeping your battery charged will also add to your enjoyment and ensure that every draw is properly powered.
  • Monitoring the level of nicotine in your e liquid is also vital, especially if you were previously a tobacco smoker. You’ll need to ensure that you are enjoying the same level of nicotine when you vape, and that you can adjust it accordingly as you adapt.
These tips are designed to ensure that when you vape, you enjoy a throat hit that’s satisfying. The feeling of a throat hit is what every vaper is after, and once you’ve mastered the art of e cigs, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy every single draw to its full potential.