A few years back the term 'smirting' was coined when tobacco regulations forced smokers on to pavements and away from the doorways of pubs, clubs and buildings. These smokers, brought together by a common interest, began flirting with one another and the term 'smirting', or smoking and flirting, was used to describe this increasingly common activity. Fast-forward a few years to the advent of the electronic cigarette, and tobacco smokers now have a whole new avenue to explore when looking for romance.
The Vaping and Dating Scene
Speed-dating and vaping has become a trendy new way to meet like-minded people, and across the UK and the rest of the world events are being set up for singletons looking for love. These events often incorporate features of the electronic cigarette, such as pairing vapers up based on their flavour preferences or finding out which type of e liquid they like best.
Run much the same way as a normal speed-dating event, speed vaping pairs up people based on a few simple questions and gives them a few minutes to get to know each other. During these few minutes, vapers will be quizzed on their compatibility and may just meet the love of their life thanks to a common interest. This new type of speed-dating experience is fast catching on, and old-fashioned smirting has been replaced by those who want to enjoy a cleaner and safer vaping experience with others.
Online Vaping and Dating
Online dating has always been a popular avenue for those looking for love, but now vaping has made it even easier to meet people online. Vaping forums have opened up a whole new world for those who want to meet other like-minded people, and the electronic cigarette may have become a way of igniting a spark for couples over the internet.
With an entire sub-culture surrounding vaping, it’s easy to see why so many who enjoy this cleaner, safer way of enjoying nicotine bond so well with others who have discovered the benefits of e cigs. Opening up new avenues of conversation, bringing people together and offering an instant talking point, vaping means that single vapers can now enjoy an added benefit of their electronic device.