Traditional tobacco cigarettes may have earned themselves a bad reputation due to their chemical composition, and nicotine has often been lumped in with the tar, toxins and carcinogens that these cigarettes produce. However, on its own, nicotine is a different story, and e cigarettes have allowed us to enjoy a cleaner, healthier alternative that’s not laced with hundreds of poisonous chemicals. To give you some insight into nicotine’s surprising benefits, we’ve outlined some of the surprising positives that this chemical offers.
Sit Back and Relax
Nicotine is what is known as biphasic, as it is both a relaxant and a stimulant. In small quantities, it stimulates you and can heighten your awareness of pleasure and accentuate the mood of that moment. But in larger doses, it has the opposite effect and can relax you and instil calm in stressful situations. Electronic cigarettes allow you to control your nicotine intake, so you can decide whether you want to heighten your experience or relax and calm down.
Improve Your Memory
Studies have proven that nicotine can improve your memory and in some cases even prevent Alzheimer’s. Recently, it was observed that nicotine patches helped patients who had mild cognitive impairment attain 46% of normal function, whilst those without patches declined by 26% over the same period of time.
Improve Your Concentration
In addition to nicotine being proven to lower aggression levels, it’s also shown to improve concentration levels. A study has shown that nicotine can make you up to 30% smarter, and with the added advantage of reduced aggression levels you can perform extremely well in stressful situations or under pressure.
Curb Your Appetite
Whilst appetite suppressants may not always be a positive, with nicotine you can curb the effects of the hunger you’d feel when quitting tobacco smoking. This means you won’t suffer from the negative side effects of nicotine withdrawal, and you’ll still enjoy the hand-to-mouth action that so many find soothing without inhaling extremely harmful chemicals.
Electronic cigarettes offer you the ideal way to indulge in a nicotine fix, and these benefits are just some of the many that you can enjoy when vaping.