E cigs have completely revolutionised the way we enjoy our nicotine, and the vast array of e liquid flavours available will only enhance the experience. With vapers being able to purchase anything from refreshing fruit to traditional tobacco or indulge in chocolate, coffee and even cocktail flavours, there really is an e liquid for every taste and preference. With so much choice on offer, it can be hard to select a liquid that suits you, so we've revealed the top flavours that new and experienced vapers seem to prefer.
Tasty Tobacco E Liquid a Favourite
For those who are new to the world of e cigs, it seems that tobacco-flavoured e liquid is a first choice. This is not too surprising, as often first-time vapers have made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes and want to recreate a similar experience. Tobacco-flavoured e liquid features the same rich taste as an analogue cigarette but without the chemicals and tar. As a starting point, this e liquid is a great option, and once the art of vaping is mastered, then other flavour options can be explored.
Minty Menthol a Hit
For many newer vapers, the refreshing tingle of menthol is a first choice, and this delicious flavour is crisp, cool and very clean. For former tobacco smokers, menthol also seems to be a preferred choice, as it's not overly sweet or too intensely flavoured, and it could be likened to smoking a menthol cigarette. Menthol is also a palate cleanser, making it a very attractive option for those who want to add something extra to meal times.
Exotic E Liquids Ideal for Experienced Vapers
When it comes to those who've been enjoying the advantages of e cigs for a while, there are a number of different flavour favourites, and these seem to depend on the individual vaper's personal taste. Many love the fruity options. It seems that experienced vapers are also far braver and that exotic e liquid flavours are often chosen over the more classic options.
E cigs offer you the chance to become a true connoisseur as you progress from the traditional tobacco to the more exotic and exciting options available.