These days, everywhere you look e cigarettes are being used in place of the traditional tobacco option. From movies to TV series, and in real life indoors, outdoors and wherever you look, you’ll spot someone vaping.
As it’s become easier to buy electronic cigarettes and these devices are so readily available, they’ve become incredibly popular with those looking for an alternative to tobacco. Much to the dismay of big tobacco companies, a large number of people flock to buy e cigarettes when they discover how enjoyable they are and how much more socially acceptable.
A Vaping Experience That’s Incomparable
For many, e cigarettes have opened up a whole new world, and enjoying nicotine is no longer associated with a pungent smell, clouds of smoke and bad breath. Vaping simply can’t be compared to smoking tobacco, and not only is the actual action different in many ways, but it’s safer, cleaner and much more satisfying.
Being able to vape in public places also offers huge benefits, and some employers even allow e cigarette users to indulge at their desks, increasing productivity and reducing the time spent wasted seeking out a smoking-friendly area.
With delicious flavoured e liquids making vaping even more enjoyable, many smokers have decided to buy electronic cigarettes as they taste better and flavours can be switched to suit your mood. Gone are the days of stale tobacco tastes; e liquids are available in everything from cocktail- and coffee-inspired flavours to mint, cherry and other delightful options.
Lower Risks Make E Cigarettes More Attractive Tobacco cigarettes contain millions of harmful chemicals, and not only do they negatively affect the smoker but also those around them. E cigarettes only contain nicotine and components such as PG or VG in their e liquids, and research has proven that these are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and they also have little to no impact on air quality. This means that there is no harmful second-hand smoke, and you can vape without negatively affecting the environment around you.
Additionally, when you buy electronic cigarettes, you can stop using lighters or matches to light up. E cigarettes are electrically operated, and there’s no naked flame or fire, making them a safer option and reducing the risks of burns or other associated accidents.
E cigarettes look like the real thing, which makes them even more attractive, especially to those who have recently made the switch from tobacco. These devices are rapidly growing in popularity, and many researchers and financial analysts have predicted that in ten years’ time they will outsell traditional tobacco cigarettes.