Single O's, Jellyfish, Vape Bending and French Inhale are all terms that you’ll have heard bandied about if you are an enthusiastic vaper, as they relate to tricks performed using an e cigarette. Vaping tricks range from the simple to the complicated, and beginners may find that some take a little bit of work whilst others are mastered quickly.
Our definitive guide will assist you in learning how to perform an array of tricks, so make sure you have e cig refills at the ready, as you’ll want to practise these until you get them right.
The Single O
The Single O is one of the easiest vaping tricks, and there are a few ways that you can achieve the perfect result. The most common method is to mimic a very light coughing action, similar to when you’d want to disguise the fact that you are coughing at all. Alternatively, you can try moving your jaw to create a vape circle, or tap the side of your open mouth when exhaling. Once you have mastered the perfect Single O, there are many other tricks that rely on this technique and expand on it.
The Jellyfish
You may go through a few e cig refills before you master the Jellyfish, but once you’ve got this trick right it's great fun to perform. The Jellyfish requires you to blow a decent-sized Single O, followed up by a smaller puff the sits in the centre of the first O. It is best to let the Single O expand a bit first and then follow it up with a baby O, creating the quintessential Jellyfish.
Vape-bending refers to when you use your hand cupped next to your mouth to manipulate the path a perfect Single O follows. You will need to follow the O as it’s blown and take special care not to break the cloud as it forms. Once you’ve got this right, you can even spin the O or invert it and inhale again. To vape-bend properly you’ll need to make sure your e cig refills are kept topped up, as a healthy cloud of vapour is required. If your cartridge is nearly empty, the results won’t be satisfactory.
French Inhale
An intermediate trick, the French Inhale involves taking a deep draw on your e cigarette and slowly opening your mouth, pushing your bottom lip out and directing the vapour up using your tongue. When the plume of vapour hits your nose, you’ll need to inhale to complete the action.