Regardless of whether you are a new vaper or an avid and experienced one, you’ve probably spent some time checking out reviews of e liquids before purchasing a flavour you think will best suit you. Reviewers spend several weeks at a time testing e liquids, and their e cig cartridges often contain incredibly exotic taste sensations that you wouldn’t normally consider trying unless they were endorsed by those in the know.
Whilst you may not want to become a reviewer yourself, the tricks and techniques they use can enhance your vaping experience and ensure that when you fill you e cig cartridges you do so with a flavour that you love. 
Give an E Liquid a Chance
One of the most important tips any reviewer will give you is to never base your final thoughts on your first experience of a specific e liquid. Only once you’ve vaped a specific flavour for a few days or even weeks can you really make a judgement, as it can take some time for flavour to develop or for you to become accustomed to its taste.
Ascertain the Flavour Profile
E liquid flavours all have elements that can change depending on the time of day or the circumstances in which you vape. Variable voltages, the atomizer's ohm or wattage output or the e cig cartridges may all influence the flavour profile, as can the device you choose. Certain flavours also taste great at night and are not so palatable in the morning, or vice versa, and this very much depends on your personal preferences.
Ignore Other Opinions
Pretentious flavour descriptions, other amateur vaper reviews, heavily promoted products and information that may not be relevant to your vaping experience should all be ignored. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to taste, and not trying a flavour simply because someone else has said they don’t like it may see you really missing out.
Cleanse Your Palette
When trying a new e liquid, it’s not only advisable to ensure you have new e cig cartridges in order for quality not to be compromised, but you also need to cleanse your palette. If you’ve been drinking anything milky or eating spicy food, these flavours can dramatically alter the taste of an e liquid, so reviewers recommend rinsing your mouth well with water before you try out any new taste sensations.
These top tips from respected e liquid reviewers should help you get the most out of every experience and ensure that when you try a new flavour you know how to test it out to its full potential.