E liquid is integral to vaping, and without this flavoured juice the whole experience wouldn’t be possible. The minute vaping comes up in conversation or you whip out your e cigarette, people invariably ask what flavour e liquid you are using. And with so many different options on the market, you no longer have to stick to mint or tobacco - you can opt for exotic tastes like cappuccino or pina colada.
A new and somewhat concerning trend that’s emerging is for vapers to make their own e liquid, and DIY recipes are cropping up across the web. There are a number of questions surrounding the merits of making your own e liquid and whether or not it is safe, so we’ve examined the buzz around DIY liquids and explain why, if you are using an e cigarette, it's best to stick to store-bought products made by the professionals rather than those you’ve made at home.
A Safe Mixture
E liquid contains nicotine, and in dosages that are too high this chemical can be dangerous. E liquids are made to an exact formula that’s been developed in a lab under controlled conditions, and even the slightest measurement that’s off kilter can result in liquid that’s volatile at best and dangerous at worst. Additionally, if nicotine gets on your skin it can burn, and it’s a substance that should only be mixed in a safe environment. 
E liquids have been created by the experts in the e cigarette industry, and creating a recipe that combines the right balance of chemicals and PG or VG has taken time and intensive research. It would be impossible and even potentially dangerous to replicate these recipes at home, and it’s definitely an activity that’s better left to the professionals.
A Great Taste and a Satisfying Vape
Generally, vapers make use of an e cigarette to enjoy nicotine in a cleaner, safer way, and by making your own e juice you may be negating these positive factors completely. In addition, the e liquid you make at home probably won’t taste great or be very satisfying, and you’ll have wasted time and money trying to recreate a product that’s already been perfected by the experts.
DIY e liquid isn’t a great option for vapers, and with so many exceptional flavours already available, there’s really no need to risk trying to make your own.