If you are going to be travelling in the foreseeable future, it’s important to know whether your e cigarette should be making its way into your luggage or if it’s best left at home for the duration of your journey. 
Don’t Fall Foul of the Law
As e cigarettes are still relatively new, there are fewer rules and regulations that affect their usage, but in many countries they may be equated to smoking tobacco and could get you in to trouble. Before you set off for a foreign land, it’s suggested that you conduct a little bit of research and determine whether you can safely vape in your intended destination. For example, Singapore has very strict laws when it comes to smoking, and you could be fined or have your e cig confiscated if caught vaping in public. Before you jet off, make sure you know what regulations are enforced.
Vaping on a Plane
Every airline will enforce its own regulations regarding e cigarettes, and many have already stated that vaping on board is not allowed. This does not mean, however, that you can’t fly with your e cig; it just stops you from using it whilst in the air. Regulations may state whether your e cigarette goes in the hold or whether you can pop it in your carry-on luggage, but remember that if you are travelling with e liquid the same general liquid restrictions will apply across the board.
Respect No-Smoking Restrictions
Whilst travelling, you may find that language is a barrier, and it's best that when you see a no-smoking sign you apply it to vaping as well. Trying to explain to someone that e cigarettes are not the same as tobacco may be a fruitless pursuit if you don’t speak the same language, and you are more likely to offend or upset someone than educate them.
Beware of Unsafe Products
If you are travelling and suddenly realise you need cartridges or e liquids, be very careful what you buy. Order them from a reputable online store that will deliver rather than trusting a product that may not be safe, regulated or legitimate. As vaping is so popular, there are plenty of counterfeit products that have made their way on to the market, and they may not be the quality you require.
Your e cig is lightweight, portable and very satisfying, and simply by being informed, you should be able to travel with your device and enjoy using it in a foreign country.