E cigarettes are designed to be utilised on an ongoing basis, but there are certain factors all vapers must be aware of when using these devices. Taking care of your e cigarette is essential, as it prolongs its life and ensures that you always enjoy the best vaping experience possible. Keeping your device at room temperature is one way you can make sure that it remains in tip-top condition.
E cigarettes are generally powered by a lithium ion battery, and these are known to be heat-sensitive. Other components in your e cigarette may also be heat- or cold-sensitive, and even when storing e cig refills you should be mindful of the temperature of the environment they are kept in.
Keeping your cigarette out of the sun and away from cold and damp places is a must, and you'll also need to store spare batteries, e cig refills and other components in a suitable space. In extreme heat your e cigarette could melt, or in cold temperatures the e liquid may freeze. In places with high humidity levels, condensation may form and affect your device's performance. 
Storing your e cigarette and accessories at room temperature is essential, and it is vital that you avoid the following conditions if you want to keep your device functioning at its optimum.
Hot Cars
Leaving an electronic cigarette in a hot car is an unfortunate mistake many vapers make, and ideally this should never happen. If you do leave your e cigarette in the car, you may find that when you use your device afterwards the battery goes flat faster as it has to work harder to power the atomiser.
Vaping in the Rain
If it starts raining whilst you are vaping it is advisable to head indoors, as electronic devices and water don't mix well. Keeping your e cigarette away from any source of moisture, whether it's condensation or steam, is essential as water can cause major damage.
Cold Conditions
If it's freezing outside you can still vape, but don't leave your device out in the cold for any length of time. If the e liquid inside your device freezes, it can expand and cause cracks or fractures, making your device unusable. You may also find that when vaping in the cold your battery does not perform as well as usual, as its output is reduced.
Room temperature provides the optimum conditions for e cigarettes, and your battery will always function at 100%, as there are no other factors affecting it.