We fully understand that some people may be wary of buying from a website. Rest assured that we have everything in place to make your online buying experience completely secure, we don't collect credit card details as all payments are processed by Paypal and we also have a security certificate for our website so you can buy in confidence.
Even with these things in place we know that you may still be unsure, that's why we believe it's essential to have a physical shop where you can come and see us. We currently have several official kiosks, our main one is in Omni Park shopping centre, Santry. If you have any problems you can come and see us, we will be happy to help.
If you do decide to buy online, remember that we are one of the only Irish online retailers of electronic cigarettes who have physical kiosks, if you come across a website selling e cigarettes who only provide a residential address, or worse still no address at all, run away fast!