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Smoke Green ® Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The Premium kit has everything you need and is the best value and most popular Premium Kit in Ireland.
Save up to €2600 per year compared to traditional cigarettes!
The Premium kit contains:

2 Lithium ion rechargeable cigarette batteries (Batteries are consumable items and should be replaced every 2 to 3 months)
1 three pin charger
1 USB charger
5 cartridges of you choice
Instruction manual

Delivered by courier.

10% off if you purchase two kits

Smoke Green Electronic Cigarette Premium Starter Kit

Smoke Green ® Electronic Cigarette Mini Kit

Ireland's best selling Mini Kit has been put together especially for those who want to try out e-cigs without having to pay for the full kit, or for those of you who are just curious to give e-cigs a go. This is the only Premium Mini Kit on the Irish  market due to its long and more powerful battery and at a bargain price!

The kit includes:

1 Long Lithium ion rechargeable cigarette battery (Batteries are consumable items and should be replaced every 2 to 3 months)
1 USB charger
3 Tobacco Flavour cartridges with one cartridge of  Ex High, High, Medium Nicotine Strength.

Was €24.99 now €16.99

€8 OFF!

Smoke Green Electronic Cigarette Mini Kit

Smoke Green ® Replacement Cartridges

Ireland Best Value and Biggest Selling Premium Cartridges !

Our Smoke Green cartridges come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strength to suit all tastes. These cartridges provide a fresher and longer lasting smoking experience than ever before. Each of our Longer Lasting cartridges come in a foil sealed packaging to ensure that you’re getting the freshest, richest flavour possible.
Each pack contains 5 cartridges = 100 cigarettes
(Our competitors claim theirs are equal to 200- 400 cigarettes, wishful thinking!)
Best Value in Ireland!

Buy 5 packs and get 5% discount

Buy 10 packs and get 10% discount


Smoke Green Cartridges

Smoke Green ® Spare Battery

Always have a spare battery for travel or so that you always have an e-cig ready to go while your other battery is charging. All Smoke Green batteries are re-chargeable via USB or mains power supply.

The battery is the 'main' part of the e cig and it quickly and conveniently screws into the cartridge piece. This long lasting battery heats the cartomiser to produce the flavoured vapour that you inhale.

Our NEW short battery gives you a classic smoking feel and makes your electronic cigarette about the same length as a traditional cigarette.

Our long battery gives you extra power for enjoying your cigarette for longer between charges.
Batteries are consumable items and should be replaced every 2 to 3 months.


Smoke Green Spare Batteries

Smoke Green ® Spare Carry Case

Our beautiful, elegant carry case, ideal for the safe carrying of batteries and cartridges.

Smoke Green Carry Case

Smoke Green ® 3 Pin Charger

If you dont have anywhere to plug in your USB charger, not to worry! Simply plug our 3 pin charger into the mains supply and charge up your e-cig from there! Charger suitable for use in Ireland and U.K.

Smoke Green 3 pin charger

Smoke Green ® Car Charger

Our Smoke Green car charger, ideal for charging up your e-cig when travelling. Simply plug into your car cigarette charger and then connect your e-cig battery.

Smoke Green car Charger

Smoke Green ® USB Charger

Use the Smoke Green USB charger anywhere a USB connection available, plug into your laptop, desktop computer, usb hub etc. then just plug in your e-cig battery to re-charge!

Smoke Green USB Charger