Vaping at Work: The Debate

With vaping taking the world by storm and a vast number of tobacco smokers switching to e cigarettes, there are a number of debates that have arisen around the use of these devices. One of the biggest debates is whether you should use your e cig at your desk or in the work environment, or whether it should be treated like a tobacco cigarette and only used within designed smoking areas.
As vaping doesn’t release the same noxious, poisonous fumes that tobacco cigarettes do, it’s technically far more socially acceptable. Additionally, the use of an e cig in a public space is currently far less regulated than tobacco smoking, and there are still many who are undecided about whether or not these devices are the equivalent of lighting up.
From an Employer's Perspective
At the end of the day, it’s often down to the employer to enforce a rule, and the use of e cigarettes may be determined by an individual’s personal opinion. Smaller companies may be more lenient about vaping and allow it, whilst the larger companies may opt to put a blanket ban on any type of smoking or restrict it to a certain area. 
For employers, vaping offers some interesting benefits, as employees who are allowed to vape at their desks will no longer take smoke breaks and will be potentially be more productive. They’ll also keep stress levels down, as nicotine has been proven to relax and provide relief to those who are tense, making the work environment a more pleasant place to be.
Considering Other Employees
Although an e cig has no smoke, doesn’t require any flame to light it and has no pungent odour, it can still bother others, especially those who are not well informed about the product. When vaping at your desk, you’ll need to take into account other staff members' feelings, and it’s suggested that you always ask those around you if they mind you using your electronic cigarette within the same space. This is not only the courteous thing to do, but it also gives you a chance to explain how your e cig works and to enlighten those who may not know the difference between smoking tobacco and vaping.
It seems that the debate currently centres more on personal preferences than on regulations, and it is up to each company to create its own rules. The general consensus remains that if vaping is allowed in your office, you should still be mindful of other people’s feelings and always check before you indulge in a quick draw.