Electronic Cigarettes and Your Meals

Pairing the flavour of your e liquid with a meal or a drink of choice has become one of the latest ways to enhance your culinary experience. Much as you might choose a wine to complement an entree, main course or dessert, you can choose an e liquid that will provide a taste sensation unlike anything you’d ever be able to achieve with a traditional tobacco cigarette. Each e liquid can be paired with a specific type of dish, and it can be great fun working out which flavour is best. 

Popular Pairings

The array of available flavours for electronic cigarettes makes pairing even more indulgent and exciting, and some of the most popular combinations include stawberry, blueberry and apple. All these sweet flavours enhance decadent meals such as Italian dishes like lasagne, pastas and eggplant Parmesan and enhance the cheesy and meaty richness. Stawberry is a particularly good choice after a hearty meal, as it’s incredibly smooth and complements a cup of strong coffee perfectly.
Fruity flavours are favourites for pairing with grilled food and work really well with barbecued chicken, meat or vegetables. The simple sweet taste is a great accompaniment and often conjures up images of summer and warmer days. Apple is also a wonderful accompaniment to fish and seafood dishes, as it's light yet sweet and it creates a wonderful contrast of flavours.

After-Dinner Delights

Many vapers who enjoy a spicy dish of curry, buffalo wings or any other hot food will find that pairing a menthol e liquid with a meal will result in a very satisfying taste-bud cooling sensation that’s extremely refreshing. The tingly menthol will complement taste-bud jarring jalapenos and change the way you experience hot food. 
The menthol flavour is also a wonderful after-dinner option, as it’s almost like a dinner mint that cleanses your palate. Menthol also invigorates your senses and goes well with almost any dish, from Chinese food to hamburgers and chips. Traditional tobacco flavours are also a favourite with vapers who enjoy an after-dinner coffee or cognac, and these mimic the taste of analogue cigarettes without the negative side effects.
By using your imagination, you can match the liquid for your electronic cigarettes with dishes of your choice and enjoy a new and exciting vaping experience that tastes even better.