Why Choose Smoke Green?

Smoke Green is different to other electronic cigarettes due to our innovative two piece design. Other brands usually have at least three or more parts. The more components there are the more difficult it is to assemble and use, and the more cleaning and maintenance required, not to mention the fact that more parts means more chance of something breaking!

Other three piece type e cigs

A small sponge with liquid nicotine on it must be inserted into the cartridge. Some products even require you to add the liquid nicotine yourself from a bottle. The cartridge slides into an atomizer tube. This component is re-used over and over and is not only unhygienic but also causes the e cigarette to get clogged up. The battery is often quite heavy and does not last very long.

Smoke Green two piece design

No unhygienic clogged up atomizer. New cartridges have a fresh atomizer built in.

No messy liquid nicotine or inserting cartridges inside the filter.

Vapour volume is not reduced over time by a reusable atomizer.

Super easy to assemble and take apart to store, just screw and unscrew two parts!

Fresh experience with every draw.

We are Local!

We are one of very few Irish owned companies with physical kiosks in Shopping Centres in Dublin and throughout the country. Our products are also available through a large net work of Centra, Spar, and Independent retailers. View our locations.